Telephone Preference Service

If you use Quotevine for telephone marketing you may want to know which of your relationships and contacts have opted in to the Telephone Preference Service or Commercial Telephone Preference Service (TPS/CTPS hereafter).

The TPS/CTPS functionality must be enabled by a system administrator before it can be used. This is managed by going to Settings->Organisation Settings and checking the TPS/CTPS Checks checkbox, then saving. Note that users must log out and back in before the functionality becomes available to them.

TPS & CTPS checks are charged at £0.05 per check. Note that checking a single relationship may involve multiple charges as one check is made per telephone/mobile number on the relationship AND its contacts.

Once TPS/CTPS checking is enabled, new records will automatically be checked. Records will automatically be checked every 28 days to keep the permission data current. If you want Quotevine to provide a quote for conducting an initial check across all your records, please email

You can manually check a relationship and all of its contacts by clicking the TPS Check button on the relationship page:

Once the check has completed any telephone number which is on the TPS/CTPS register will show TPS to its right. Numbers which are not on the register have no annotation:

This is also true of contact records:

Once you have TPS/CTPS enabled, every time you view a relationship which has not had a check run, or whose last check was completed more than 28 days ago you will be warned as follows:

If you have TPS/CTPS checking enabled and you do not see this warning on loading a relationship, then a valid TPS check is currently in place.