Orders Object


Verb URL Comments
POST /relationships/{ID}/orders/ Creates a new Order
GET /relationships/{ID}/orders/ Retrieves all Orders for a Relationship
PUT /relationships/{ID}/orders/{ORDER_ID}/ Updates an individual Order
GET /relationships/{ID}/orders/{ORDER_ID}/ Retrieves an individual Order

Orders Attributes

Name Type Mandatory Comments
proposal_id Number Y
order_status String Y Must be one of your configured order statuses
proposal_status String N Must be one of your configured proposal statuses
order_date Date N Will default to the current date if not supplied
dealer_id Number Y
dealer_contact_id Number N
target_delivery_date String Y
int_target_delivery_date Date N
confirmed_delivery_date Date N
delivery_property String N can also be passed as delivery_address
delivery_postcode String N
delivery_method String N Must be Transporter, Delivery Driver or Customer Collection
new_used String N Must be New, Used or Pre-reg
paint_option_code Number N The cap option code for the paint finish chosen
trim_option_code Number N The cap option code for the interior chosen
build_tracking_number String N
registration_number String N
vin String N
k4k_registration_number String N
funder_fleet_number String N
discount_bonus_code_1 String N can also be passed as discount_bonus_1
discount_bonus_code_2 String N can also be passed as discount_bonus_2
cooling_off_date Date N
cancellation_date Date N
cancellation_reason String N
contact_notes String N
contact_name String N
contact_telephone String N
contact_mobile String N
funder_order_number String N
delivery_slot String N Must be AM or PM
first_registration_date Date N
vehicle_registree String N Must be Customer, Funder or Your Organisation
registree_name String N
registree_house_number_name String N
registree_street String N
registree_locality String N
registree_town_city String N
registree_postcode String N
profit_date Date N
update_frequency_days Number N Must be 0 (no updates), 1, 3, 7, 14, 21 or 30
last_customer_update Datetime N
working_user_email String N The email address of the member of your staff who is managing the order