Using Self-Pay

Self-Pay is a mini-website integrated with Stripe and Quotevine that enables your customers to securely pay their invoices and cashflows online using a credit or debit card. The Self-Pay website is designed to be quick and easy for your customers to use and will work on any device.

To use Self-Pay you must have the Stripe add on.

Self-Pay is to pay for invoices and cashflows issued through Quotevine and integrates with both your Stripe and Quotevine accounts. Payments are sent directly to your Stripe account and include a reference and description. Invoices and cashflows paid using Self-Pay are automatically marked as paid in your Quotevine account and the payment is recorded against the record with the Stripe transaction reference. If needed, you can also refund Self-Pay payments fully or partially directly from Quotevine.

The Self-Pay website can be completely branded to your company including company name, logo, favicon, messages and domain.

Adding Self-Pay Links to Email Templates

Self-Pay links are generated in Quotevine and can be added to email templates using a simple tag #PAYMENT_URL#

Self-Pay Flow

  1. You create the invoice or cashflow within the QV application then email your customer through Quotevine, having updated your email template to include the new Self-Pay link. Note: For invoices you MUST email your customer from the Edit Invoice screen in Quotevine using the Email button and for cashflows you MUST email using the Email button on the Edit Cashflow screen, so that the URL tag to be substituted successfully. this will be a unique URL for each invoice or cashflow. 
  2. Your customer receives the email, clicks the link and lands on the Self-Pay website where the invoice or cashflow details are displayed.
  3. The customer clicks Pay with Card and are guided through Stripe Checkout, providing only a receipt email address, card number, expiry date, CVC and post code.
  4. Stripe handles all card verification, including any SCA requirements specified by your customer's bank, and payment processing. Your customer's card details are never processed by or stored on either the Self-Pay or Quotevine servers.
  5. On successful completion the customer is notified immediately that the payment has been made and will receive a receipt email directly from Stripe.
  6. Payment is made to your Stripe account instantly. You will be emailed directly by Stripe to confirm that a payment has been received.
  7. The Stripe transaction details are sent to Quotevine and the record is marked as paid.