Using Online Proposals

How to use Quotevine Online Proposals

There are a couple of ways you can use your online proposal site, depending on whether the customer is completing the application themselves or you are filling it out for them over the phone. You can either send a link to customers over an email, or you can fill it out on their behalf if they'd prefer to call in instead. 

To send your customers a link, you'll need to create an email template by heading to Settings > Email Templates. Click on 'Add Email Template' and you'll see the following screen: 

Fill out the description with whatever you'd like the template to be saved as, select which brand you'd like the template to be used for (if applicable) and use the Subject field to specify what you'd like the subject line to display as to your customers. Then, write out the main body of the email. For example, I might want to say the following:

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted that there's currently no link in the email for customers to click on. That's because you can't add a hyperlink in using the normal email editor; you'll need to brush up on your programming skills instead! Click on 'Tools' > 'Source Code' and you'll see a pop-up screen like this:

You'll need to insert a bit of html in here, which looks like this: 

<a href="#PROPOSAL_LINK#" target="_blank">YOUR TEXT HERE</a>

The text between > and </a> is what the link will show up as in your email - we want it to read 'clicking here', so our html would look like this:

<a href="#PROPOSAL_LINK#" target="_blank">clicking here</a>

Once you've added in your link, press 'Save' and your email template will now display with a hyperlink in it:

Now, whenever you need to email your online proposal link to customers you can simply select this template after clicking on their email address. 

The link is personal to each customer; once you've sent it through Quotevine, please do not forward the same email on to a different customer. 

If your customers prefer to speak to an Account Manager who can fill out the proposal form on their behalf, you'll need to head to their Relationship record. Simply press the 'Online Proposal' button and you'll be able to go through the whole proposal as if you were the customer.