Relationship Marketing Permissions

Granting and Revoking Marketing Permissions

As of July 2017, you'll be able to see at a glance whether or not customers have given you permission to use their contact details for marketing purposes, and which contact details you're permitted to use; for example, you can select from: Email, fax, post, SMS and telephone. 

Note that marketing permissions do not prevent transactional messages being sent from Quotevine, whether manually or automatically.

To check what permissions you've been given by a customer, head to their Relationship record and click on the Marketing Permissions (MP) button in the Relationship Details section:

The text in the MP button tells you at a glance what permissions the relationship has against it where NONE means no permissions. If the relationship has any permissions, these will be represented by one or more of the following initials - this string is also visible in the Relationships report:

E Email
F Fax
P Post
T Telephone

This will take you the table below:

Here, you can specify which permissions you've been given by the customer by using the 'Grant' button in the Action Link column. In this example, Elizabeth has said that we can contact her by email and SMS, but not by telephone. Selecting 'Grant' will populate the table as follows:

Now, you can see when the permission was granted and which member of staff last updated the table. As you can see, the screen has changed in two ways - firstly, a 'Reset All' button has appeared above the table. This button does as it says on the tin - pressing it will completely wipe the table and leave it with nothing granted. Secondly, a new 'Revoke' button has appeared in the SMS and Email rows. Let's say Ronald no longer wants his inboxes clogged up with marketing emails, but would prefer it if we rang her to inform her of any new deals coming up; I'd need to revoke the former permissions and grant a new one. 

Once a permission has been granted and revoked once it cannot be granted or revoked again; if Ronald changed his mind about receiving emails, we'd need to reset the whole table and start again. If you head back into the Relationship screen after tweaking the marketing permissions, the MP button can be used to give an at-a-glance reminder of the best ways to get in touch with the customer in question. This is because the first letter of each communication method allowed is added to the button - for example, if Ronald had let us contact him by all five methods the button would read 'MP (E, F, P, S, T)'. As it is, he's only allowed us to contact him by email: 

Reporting on Marketing Permissions

Of course - you may want to retrieve all relationships with certain permission(s) in order to be able to market to them. To do this simply head over to Reports -> Relationships (this is only available to users with administrative permissions or specific permission to access reports). 

In the Relationships Dynamic Report, add a 'matches regular expression' filter on the field Marketing Permission String using the initials for each permission: Email E, Fax F, Post P, SMS S and Telephone T.

If you want to search for a single permission simply use the appropriate letter i.e.:

If you want to search for multiple permissions, separate your permission initials with the pipe | symbol as follows:

The above would return any relationship with Email OR SMS permissions.

Exclude Auto Contact: 

If selected this will prevent all automatic communications from being sent to the relationship it is selected for. It is possible to unset this for a relationship once it is set.