Contract Hire and Leasing Integration

If you want to create opportunities automatically from Contract Hire and Leasing enquiries then you can integrate Quotevine with CH&L. To do this you need to change the email address that the CH&L enquiries come to to a specific Quotevine email address, which can be provided by contacting

Emails will be received by Quotevine and automatically converted to opportunities and opportunity notes containing the details of the enquiry from CH&L. As CH&L only allows enquiries to be sent to one email address, if you want to still receive these enquiries as emails as well, then you can configure this in Quotevine by setting the CH&L Forward in Settings > Organisation Settings. This can be a comma separate list of email addresses and Quotevine will automatically forward any CH&L enquiries it receives to these email addresses as well as creating the opportunity.

An example opportunity and opportunity note, created from a CH&L email is shown below.

Please note: Emails must come directly from CH&L, they cannot be forwarded from a different email address.

Changing the email address

If you need to change the email address that these email are sent to, perhaps because you are receiving too much spam, then you can generate a new mailbox. To do this head to Settings > Brands > Edit Brand:

If you click the Generate Mailbox button this will update the value of Email Mailbox for that brand. The new email address will be <mailbox> This mailbox will be availabile immediately and the old one will no longer exist. So you must update CH&L with the new email address ASAP.

Using this feature you can also have a separate CH&L email address for each of your brands. Simply follow the steps above to generate a mailbox and that email address will be specific to the brand. Any opportunities created from emails received to that email address will be assigned to that brand.