Akixi Integration

Akixi is a telephone call reporting system which can be integrated with Quotevine so that details of telephone calls to relationships can be recorded. The integration between Akixi and Quotevine uses a csv file of a report created in Akixi. You will need to have access to Akixi and setup the report, as detailed below, in order to set up this integration. Once the report is setup, it will need to be emailed to a Quotevine email address periodically where it will be automatically uploaded. If you use Akixi and wish to integrate it with Quotevine please contact support@quotevineapp.com who can provide you with a unique email address where your Akixi csv report can be emailed.

Akixi can send out automatic emails of reports, however these only go to the email address of the user who has created the report. To get the csv file to the correct Quotevine email address you can either:

  • Create an Akixi login using the email address provided by Quotevine support
  • Setup email forwarding on your email server so that these emails are automatically forwarded
  • Manually download the csv file from Akixi and email this

We recommend the first option, if this isn't possible then automatically forwarding the email is the next best option.

Within Akixi you will need to create a new report with the following settings:

This ensures the data in the report only covers yesterday, as we will be automatically emailing the report daily. It must also be set to Historic Call List so the data is in the correct format.

The fields in the report must be exactly the same as above for the integration to work. They can be in a different order, but they must contain the exact fields listed above. Note that some fields are named very similarly in Akixi.

This ensures the report is sent daily at 2am in csv format. You can change the time if you want, but we recommend early in the morning so that all of yesterday's telephone calls are available for the start of the next day.

Clicking OK should save the report with these setting and you'll receive your first report at the start of the next day. All administrators will receive a summary email detailing what has been uploaded to Quotevine each time an Akixi email is received. This email will also detail any errors that occurred with individual records.

If you have been using Akixi and wish to load historical telephone calls to Quotevine, this is possible by changing the date range of the report and downloading the csv file. However, if you have a lot of data then you need to contact support@quotevineapp.com to discuss first.

Within Quotevine you need to create a new API Application with the name Akixi Integration. This is so that you can identify how the records were created and that they have come from Akixi. To do this head to Settings > API Applications and click Add Application. Complete the required fields and save, e.g.:

Note: We don't need to know the API key for the integration to work, but the API Application needs to be named correctly.