Cashflow Object


Verb URL Suffix Comments
GET /relationships/{id}/opportunities/{id}/quotes/{id}/cashflows/ Returns all cashflows associated with a quote.
POST /relationships/{id}/opportunities/{id}/quotes/{id}/cashflows/ This will insert one new cashflow.
PUT /relationships/{id}/opportunities/{id}/quotes/{id}/cashflows/{id}/ This will update an existing cashflow.

Cashflow Types

Cashflow Type Direction
Carbon Offset Commission Inflow
Dealer Bonus Inflow
Dealer Cashback Inflow
Dealer Commission Inflow
Dealer GAP Commission Inflow
Dealer PPI Commission Inflow
Documentation/Procurement Fee Inflow
Funder Bonus Inflow
Funder Commission Inflow
GAP Commission Inflow
GAP Insurance Sale Inflow
Holding Deposit Inflow
Key Insurance Sale Inflow
Maintenance Commission Inflow
Manufacturer Bonus Inflow
Manufacturer Commission Inflow
Misfuel Insurance Sale Inflow
Other Inflow Inflow
Smart Protect Plus Sale Inflow
Smart Protect Sale Inflow
Vehicle Sale Inflow
Vehicle Sourcing Charge Inflow
Customer Cashback Outflow
GAP Insurance Purchase Outflow
Holding Deposit Refund Outflow
Introducer Commission Outflow
Key Insurance Purchase Outflow
Misfuel Insurance Purchase Outflow
Other Outflow Outflow
Rebate Outflow
Smart Protect Plus Purchase Outflow
Smart Protect Purchase Outflow
Vehicle Purchase Outflow

Cashflow Attributes

Name Type Mandatory Comments
cashflow_id Number n/a Must not be supplied when using POST or PUT
cashflow_type String Y Must be one of the Cashflow Types above
description String Y Must be specified for Cashflow Types 'Other Inflow' and 'Other Outflow' 
vat_rate_type String N Must be Standard, Reduced, Zero Rated or Outside VAT Scope
ipt_rate String N Must be blank, Standard or Higher. If this is non-blank, vat_rate_type must be Outside VAT Scope
net_amount Number Y
tax_amount Number n/a Read only: will be calculated from the net_amount together with the value in either vat_rate_type or ipt_rate.
admin_view_only_flag String Y Y or N only. If Y only users with the Administrator flag will be able to see the cashflow.
account_owner_view_only_flag String Y Y or N only. If Y only users with the Owner flag will be able to see the cashflow.
invoiced_date Date N If the cashflow is invoiced, the date it was invoiced.
invoiced_by String n/a Read only
paid_amount Number If paid_date populated If the cashflow is paid, the amount that was paid.
paid_date Date N If the cashflow is paid, the date it was paid.
paid_by String n/a Read only
invoice_reference String N Maximum 30 chars.
payment_reference String N Maximum 30 chars.
nominal_account String n/a Read only.