Adding a Brand

From Autumn 2016 onwards your Quotevine client will have at least one brand (Don't worry, if you haven't added one, the default brand will be the same as the name of your Quotevine client).

So, What Are Brands?

Brands in Quotevine give you the ability to conduct business from different branches of your company. For example: if you use one brand to sell LCVs and a different brand to sell cars, you can use the same Quotevine client.

Having a different brand will allow users to have separate email signatures per brand (if they are part of more than one brand). Also, users are only able to see Opportunities/Quotes/Orders that are for a brand that they are included in.

How To Add a Brand

Head to 'Settings'>'Brands' and select 'Add Brand':

After you've clicked the 'Add Brand' button you'll find yourself on the screen below:

The description field is what your brand is known as. When you've filled this information out, just press the save button.

Adding a User To a Brand

After creating a brand, it's time to include some users to each brand. Users will only be able to see and edit Opportunities/Quotes/Orders created for a brand they are part of, so make sure each user is part of any brand that they interact on behalf of!

Head to 'Settings'>'Users' and click the edit pencil of a chosen user:

You'll then find yourself on a screen similar to below. Click the button 'Add Brand':

Clicking this button will take you to the screen below. This is where you can add a brand to a user and set the email address/email signatures that will appear on emails sent to Opportunities/Quotes/Orders that are part of the corresponding brand: