Tips 'n' Tricks

This article aims to help any Quotevine user by giving some basic information which applies no matter which Quotevine modules you are using.

*Note: In order to edit something, you'll need to click on the pencil.

Remember to save everything as you go through!

1. Get your Bookmark Right

If you want to bookmark Quotevine, make sure your bookmark URL looks like this:

https://[your domain]

and not like this:

https://[your domain]

as bookmarking anything other than the recommended URL above will cause an annoying error when you try and visit the bookmark. Nothing bad will happen, but it'll waste your time clearing the error!

2. Use a Modern Browser

While Quotevine does support Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10; we would recommend (particularly if you're using IE 8) that you use Google Chrome for the fastest Quotevine experience. Not only does Chrome auto-update meaning that you are always running the latest and more secure version, but its JavaScript engine is much faster than any of the IE browsers, meaning that you get the slickest experience.

3. Red means DELETE

There is no Recycle Bin in Quotevine - once you delete data it's gone forever. 

To make sure you REALLY want to delete the system, Quotevine displays all Delete buttons with a red font, and will always ask you to confirm your action.

4. Field Help and Error Messages

Any field name which is underlined can be clicked to get more detail on how to use the field - and whenever the system needs to bring something to your attention (like inputting an invalid mobile number) an area will appear at the bottom right of the screen:     

5. Expanding/Minimising Page Sections

Sometimes there is simply too much information to display on one page. For example if you are looking at a Relationship, EVERYTHING you have done so far will be shown in the relationship page. 

So let's imagine you want to see what vehicles you have quoted Ronald on. Rather than scrolling until you find it, you can simply minimise the sections you don't need to see by pressing the small down arrows!

Similarly, if the information you are looking for is within one of the minimised sections, you can expand them by pressing the 'right' arrow. 

6. Quick and Easy Emailing

Quotevine has an easy way for you to Email your customers. Rather than loading your email app and then copy and pasting an email address, you can have an email ready in a simple click.

If you have added an email address to a customer's relationship page then simply navigate to the 'Relationships' tab, find the customer and then click on the displayed email address. Told you it was easy.

P.S: Don't forget to set up your email signature! If you have read the  'how to' guide and still need a hand, send us an email to

7. Quick and Easy Texting

As well as making emailing easy, texting is easy too! The process is exactly the same as the email but rather than clicking their email address you click their saved mobile number!

8. Get Detailed Breadcrumbs

Enter My Account, and Check the 'Specific Breadcrumbs' option and hit 'Save'. Having this checked will display the title information of a Relationship/Quote etc. in the breadcrumbs. 

See the before and after below:



9. Click for Information

If you hover your mouse over something and a little ' ?' appears, click on it and an information box will appear telling you about that item.