Quote Options Object

Quote Option

Verb URL Suffix Comments
GET /relationships/{id}/opportunities/{id}/quotes/{id}/options/ This will return all the options for a given quote
POST /relationships/{id}/opportunities/{id}/quotes/{id}/options/ This will add a new option to a given quote

Quote Option Attributes

Name Type Mandatory Comments
basic_price Number If option_fit_type = Dealer The net price of the option
vat_price Number If option_fit_type = Dealer The VAT payable for the option
requires_maintenance_flag String N Y or N
ply_lining_flag String N Y or N
description String If option_fit_type = Dealer Max length 100. Do not pass if option_fit_type = Factory.
vat_rate_type String Y Must be one of Standard, Reduced or Zero Rated
option_fit_type String Y Must be Dealer or Factory
p11d_exempt_flag String N Y or N
cap_option_code Number If option_fit_type = Factory Must be a valid cap option code for the CAP ID of the associated Quote