Setting Up Online Proposal Funders

Online Proposal Funders allow you to tailor your online proposals to specific funders by overriding base settings and fields. This allows you to fine tune your online proposal forms based on the funder so that you can balance capturing too little information against requesting too much. This benefits you because you are less likely to be missing information required by a funder and it also benefits your customers because they are less likely to be asked to enter information you don't need, streamlining the data collection process compared to a one-size-fits-all solution.

To target a specific funder the online proposal application link must be sent from the context of a quote with a valid funder. When the customer follows this link and begins the application, the website will attempt to match the quote funder with a funder configuration and adapt the application forms accordingly. If no quote is referenced or the funder isn't matched, a customisable generic profile will be used.

The base form for both business and personal applications consists of all possible relevant fields. A generic funder profile exists to modify this base setup for all applications where a specific funder is not matched. If the generic funder is left unmodified all of the base fields will be used. Fields that are mandatory for the correct functioning of the website or are part of the minimum requirement for a valid application cannot be hidden but the label can be changed. In some situations the custom state may be ignored if that state would result in an error or bad user experience.

Funder Settings

For any funder the following settings can be overridden:

Personal address years
The number of years address history required for personal proposals.
Personal employment years The number of years employment history required for personal proposals.
Director address years
The number of years address history required for business proposal directors.
Minimum directors
The minimum number of directors required. Additional directors can optionally be skipped.
Sole trading years
The minimum number of years for which a sole trader must have been trading to not require previous employment details.

Furthermore the base fields for personal and business applications can be modified per funder in the following ways:

Label Changes the field label displayed next to the field on the form.
State Hidden or Required. Optional base fields can either be hidden or made mandatory. Mandatory base fields (denoted by *) will ignore this setting.