Self-Pay Customer Onboarding

The following is a list of assets and information we require for a new Self-Pay site.

Quick Reference

Further information on these checklist items can be found in the notes below.

  • High resolution logo
  • High resolution favicon
  • Quotevine API Key
  • Administrator contact name and email address
  • Link your Stripe account to Quotevine


We might ask you to provide a logo and/or favicon if these aren't already available to us. For any image we require the highest resolution source image you have.

Quotevine API Key

To hook up the online proposal site to your Quotevine account we require an API key.

Follow only the "Generate a Key" section of this help document: 
Getting Started with the API

Use the following values:

Description: Quotevine Self-Pay
Error Email Address:
Outbound Email Address: <leave blank>
Read Allowed: Must be checked!

We require the API Key that is generated for you.

Administrator contact name and email address

We require the name and email address of someone who will be responsible for the administration and setup of the Self-Pay site. Infrequent emails regarding payment errors and service availability will be sent to this email address.

Link your Stripe account to Quotevine

Once you have setup your Stripe account, you will need to link your Stripe account to Quotevine so that you can receive payments in your Stripe account from Self-Pay. To do this an administrator needs to go to Settings > Organisation Settings and click on the "Link to Stripe" button. If this button is not visible, please contact to check that your account is setup correctly.

When you click the "Link to Stripe" button you will be directed through Stripe's pages that link your Stripe account with the Quotevine application. Once this is complete, you will be directed back to the Quotevine page that you started from.